Renting a House


The “Rental Housing” experience is designed to make it easier for you, as a beneficiary, to understand the steps of renting a real estate unit and the necessary procedures to complete the rental process with ease and simplicity. In this stage, we will assist you in your search for the most suitable options available to you, whether it is a villa, an apartment, or another form of accommodation.

  • Citizens

    Target audience

    In this step, you will be introduced to the methods of checking your renting eligibility via the available support programs. The programs help eligible citizens who are unable to pay their rent, either due to death, imprisonment, illness, or lack of financial ability. Additionally, it helps every citizen who is entitled to the support and is referred to the program by the execution judge after issuing an order for not paying the rent. The transaction will be referred electronically from the execution court to the support program, directly, and will be dealt with accordingly without the need to receive the applicants and follow-up on them.


    • For further information visit the Ejar website.

    1. Review the information provided by the government related to the renting support programs, such as Ejar.
    2. Use the support calculator to learn about the amount of support provided by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing.
    3. Apply for the rental support program / rent subsidy program.
    1. Housing support eligibility (housing support regulations).
    2. The applicant must be Saudi.
    3. The housing unit must be in conformity with the terms and conditions of the financing institution.
    4. A decisions should  be made by the committee in the region about the type of support.
    • For further inquiries, please contact Ejar support via website here.
  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    This step will help you find the right property unit for you. Filter the search scope based on your needs, budget, and preferred neighborhoods. Use the search engines, real estate brokers, or your preferred means to find the property unit that you want to rent. After you have inspected the unit, agree with the owner or his agent regarding the housing details, rental price and other details before going to the real estate broker.

    1. Search for a property unit through real estate brokers, Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing or search engines.
    2. Filter search results according to personal needs, budget and location.
    3. Consult the checklist to acknowledge all the steps in the journey and clarify doubts.
    4. Book visits to properties and acknowledge the housing details and price with the owner/agent.

4 Stages for Renting a House