Buying a House


In this stage, you will create an image to your dream house.

  • Citizens

    Target audience

    In this step, you will register in the lists of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing in order to receive government supports if you are eligible.Your request will be accepted or rejected electronically through the relevant government agencies.

    The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing presents the Development Housing initiative, which aims to provide housing units for needy families in the community who are covered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, “Social Insurance”, and who have completed the application in the housing support portal, “Sakani”, in incorporation and partnership with associations and civil institutions throughout the cities and governorates of the Kingdom. However, the housing units are provided through various options.

    1. Check the available governmental support programs, such as: Market unit product, ready made units product and off plan product.
    2. Read the information about the support programs on Ministry's website.
    3. Register on the Sakani platform then verify your eligibility. 
    4. Benefit from the calculator available on the website to know the amount of support you are eligible to receive.
    5. Apply for government support and then check the status of your application.


    1. Housing support eligibility (housing support regulations).
    2. The applicant must be Saudi.
    3. The housing unit must be in alignment with the terms and conditions of the financing institution.
    4. Availability of the requested product.
    • For more information, please click here.
  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    In this step, you will discover other financing options, in which you might find better choices. 

    1. Read more about the financing options. 
    2. Benefit from VAT expemtion for a first time buyer. Click here for more information.
    3. Select a bank from the available bank options.  
    4. Apply for a mortgage loan.
    5. Submit the requested documents.  
    6. Wait for initial and final approval. 
    7. For non-Saudis, you can request a loan from international banks (foreign banks).
    • For more assistance, contact the Unified National Platform (GOV.SA)

6 Stages for Buying a house