Building a House


This stage presents an overview of the required steps to obtain your dream house.

  • Citizens

    Target audience

    The aim of this stage is to help you, as a citizen, to identify and explore the provided options for financing self-construction projects, offered by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, as well as the relevant banks associated with the program, by obtaining the necessary eligibility required to own the land and build a house with the help of subsidized loans up to 500 thousand Saudi Arabian Riyals. However, you have to buy a land first and then request a loan for self-construction. 

    1.  You're required to own a land to be eligable for self-construction financial support.

    2. Research about the various building support programs available. 
    3. Learn more about the funding support provided by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing for private lands. 
    4. Utilize the support calculator to find out about the amount of support provided by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing. 
    5. Apply for government support and check the status of your application. 
    1. A copy of a valid ID.
    2. Salary certificate with a date that does not exceed one month, certified by the Chamber of Commerce (in the event that the salary is not transferred).
    3. Salary transfer letter (in case the salary is transferred).
    4. A bank account statement for the last 3 months of depositing the salary (for employees), or a bank statement for the past 6 months (for self-employed individuals).
    5. Confirmation letter (in case the salary in the certificate differs from the one in the bank statement).
    6. Financial statements for the last two years (for self-employed individuals).
    7. Social insurance certificate (required for entities that are not listed in the bank).
    8. A copy of the business register (for self-employed individuals).
    • If you want to review the real estate indicators for the various cities/neighborhoods of the Kingdom and learn more about the average prices, you may visit the real estate indicators page in the open data section provided by the Ministry of Justice by clicking here.
    • You can use the support calculator by clicking here.
    • Learn more about self-construction financing options by clicking here.
  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    In this stage, we will guide you through the steps required in order to understand and benefit from the offered financing options, allowing you to choose the best option that suits your needs and capabilities. 

    1. Visit the relevant banks to see the financing options they provide.
    2. Examine your current financial situation, and apply for a financing loan if needed
    3. Submit the required information to the financing agency selected and obtain the necessary preliminary and final approval. 
    4. Utilize the provided initiative of bearing the value-added tax for first-time houseowners. For more, click here.
    • If you want to select the appropriate indicator, please visit the real estate indicators page located in the open data section of the Ministry of Justice by clicking here.

7 Stages for Building a House