Domestic Umrah

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First Impression

This journey will take you through all the necessary steps to perform Umrah, from the moment you make the intention to perform Umrah, to carrying out the physical rituals of Umrah and finally returning home safely.

  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    1. Read the updated regulations and procedures related to Umrah and all the services provided, which will be updated here regularly. 
    2. Begin planning for the important aspects of your trip and selecting your accommodation. 
    3. Download the Eatmarna application.
  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    To ensure the safety of pilgrims during the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the spread of infection, the goverenment has provided precautionary measures allowing pilgrims to reserve permits in advance to complete the ritual safely.

    1. Download the ‘Eatmarna’ application for Android or iPhone.
    2. Ensure that your Tawakalna application is activated in order to complete the registration process. 
    3. Open the application and select a language. 
    4. Select the ‘New User’ icon. 
    5. Choose ‘Continue’ from the drop-down menu. 
    6. Choose ‘Citizen’ or ‘Resident’ from the drop-down menu. 
    7. Fill out your personal information and agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’.  
    8. Select the ‘Register’ icon. 
    9. Your account in Eatmarna is now active, allowing you to select and obtain a permit. 
    10. Select your permit type by clicking on ‘Perform Umrah’. 
    11. Click ‘Continue’ if you intend to perform Umrah individually or add a companion to receive your permits at the same time. 
    12. Select the appropriate time, date and gathering point. It is recommended to perform this process in advance of your Umrah trip to ensure that you can book the preferred time. 
    13. In the case of date unavailability, either because there were no dates available during the preferred time or no dates available at all, update the page by continuously switching between the Gregorian and Hijri calendars until the appropriate date appears. It is advised to update the page at 12:00 PM every day. 
    14. Complete the arrival procedures to the Haram through the transportation services in the application.
  • Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    After making your decision to perform Umrah and reserving the permit from the Eatmarna application, you can now begin preparing for Umrah by following the necessary steps and precautionary measures.

    Research about everything you need to know before performing Umrah, such as:

    1. Access the Ministry of Health’s manual, ‘Your Health During Hajj and Umrah’. 
    2. Search for appropriate hotels and transportation methods that best suit you, to avoid overcrowding and reservation unavailability.
    3. Use available services such as ‘Muttawwif’, an e-portal service offered by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.
    4. If you are visiting from outside Makkah, complete your payment processes for accommodation and transportation to confirm pre-flight reservations, if required. 
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    Service duration

    Depends on place of departure

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    Saudi Citizens & Expats

    Target audience

    This step includes your journey to Makkah, from the point of departure till the point of arrival, including transportation, accommodation, and health instructions that you must follow to gurntee your safety and the safety of others.

    1. You will arrive in Makkah, either by personal car or a car from the airport. 
    2. Arrive at the meeting point mentioned in the Eatmarna application (In case your permit is valid to perform Umrah) then wait for the provided means of transportation.  If you arrive before the date of ytheour permit in the application, use your selected transportation to go to te temporary  or  permanent location of your accommodation, and wait until the specified date waiting of your permit in the application. 
    3. Once you reach the meeting point, access the Eatmarna application to find available services and to access your Umrah permit to present at checkpoints in the meeting area and the areas next to the Haram. 
    4. Explore the places for health services and hospitals in case of a medical emergency. The government has provided the necessary health support in the area of the pilgrims.