Domestic Hajj

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First Impression

This journey will take you through all the necessary steps to perform the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj, from the moment you make the intention to perform Hajj, to carrying out the physical rituals of Hajj and finally returning home safely.

First Impression journey and services 

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    Here, you will become familiarized with supportive means of acquiring the relevant knowledge related to services offered, available programs, and understanding and selecting the type of Hajj ritual you would like to perform.

    1. Visit the e-portal, provided by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, to learn about the services, programs, and prices provided.
    2. Consult with people who have already performed the Hajj ritual or trusted Hajj specialists and read the fatwas related to Hajj to better understand the requirements and processes.
    3. Understand and determine the ritual of Hajj that you will perform from the following three rituals: Hajj Al-Tamattu, Hajj Al-Qiran and Hajj Al-Ifrad.
    • Hajj Al-Tamattu: You begin performing Umrah during the months of Hajj (Shawaal, Dhul Qi’adah, Dhul Hijjah). You begin this ritual by purifying your intention and reciting “O Allah, here I am to perform Umrah” around the Ka’aba. Once completed, you enter the state of Ihram, separating your Umrah ritual from your Hajj ritual.
    • Hajj Al-Qiran: You will combine the rituals of Hajj and Umrah by entering the state of Ihram with the intention to perform both and reciting "O Allah, here I am to perform Umrah and Hajj”, and begin the ritual of Hajj so that the ritual of Umrah will be included in it.
    • Hajj Al-Ifrad: You will enter the state of Ihram with the intention to perform Hajj only, without intending to perform Umrah, by reciting “O Allah, here I am to perform Hajj”.
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    After making the decision to perform Hajj, you must prepare and follow the necessary steps to perform Hajj successfully and accurately.

    1. Verify your eligibility to perform Hajj by:
      • Visiting the e-portal for Hajj and Umrah using the following link.
      • Visiting the Absher service.
    2. You will either be eligible or ineligible.
      • Ineligible:

        Submit an exception request to perform Hajj through the e-portal for pilgrims where you will be asked the following question: “Would you like to request an exception?” once you answer “yes”, you will be redirected to the relevant authority in charge. The cases of exception include, performing Hajj as a guardian, or performing Hajj on behalf of the deceased.                     

      • If your exception request is rejected, you will not be able to perform Hajj this year and will need to try again next year or if you have previously performed Hajj, you will need to wait for a total duration of five years.



        After registering in the e-portal for Hajj, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone, which will include the extraction link for your permit, allowing you to complete the remaining steps.  

    3. After receiving your Hajj permit, you can explore all available Hajj packages and inquire about your requests by clicking here.  
    4. Compare available packages and select the package that best suits you.  Registration starts 3rd of Dhul Qi’dah and closes on 13th of Dhul Qi’dah for the first batch of Hajj 1442 H.
    5. During the process of selecting an appropriate package, you can choose to leave directly after performing Hajj in Makkah on the 12th of Dhul Hijjah or you can extend your experience leaving on the 13th of Dhul Hijjah.  
    6. After completing the previous steps, you can add sub-services to your selected package, such as services for people with special needs, childcare, choosing to visit Madinah or purchasing sacrifices for Eid Al-Adha.  
    7. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be requested to complete the payment process on the website via SADAD.
    8. Second batch registration starts 15th of Dhul Qi’dah and ends on 29th of Dhul Qi’dah. If you’ve entered your information to apply for Hajj 1442 H and eligible candidate based on qualified categories, you will receive a text message to complete your registration. You will enter e-portal link to complete the below procedures:
      • Verify your personal information
      • You will be able to select only one hajj companion whom was previously applied to hajj 1442 H through hajj e-portal.
      • View and select preferred package.
      • Complete payment process on the website via SADAD.
      • Finally, Hajj permit will be issued.
    9. You can cancel your permit, for any reason, by accessing the e-portal for internal pilgrims by clicking here.
    10. Finally, you can start registering for Hajj through the local e-Gate for Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

    *To complete e-portal registration for Hajj 1442 H, you must fulfil below requirements:

    1. Age group between 18-65 years old.
    2. COVID-19 Immune by either: 1) Immune 2) Immune by the first dose 3)Immune by recovery.
    3. Free of chronic diseases.
    4. Applicant did not perform hajj in the past 5 years.


    Final Selection Criteria for Hajj 1442 H is based on:

    1. Health and regulatory standards verfication.
    2. Priority is for those who never performed hajj considering the age group.

    Note: purchase package and complete payment within 3 hours to avoid cancellation.


    *Applicable for Hajj season 1442




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    Before arriving in Makkah, you must apply the necessary conditions and precautionary measures.

    1. Access the health manual provided by the Ministry of Health by clicking here.
    2. Take the necessary vaccinations to complete the requirements of performing Hajj ten days before the start of the ritual. The vaccinations include the Seasonal Flu vaccine and the Meningococcal vaccine. Click here to access the list of all health centers that provide Hajj vaccinations.
    3. It is advisable to physically prepare yourself for the performance of the ritual, at least three months before, by practicing light sports, eating healthy, and walking for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.
    4. For emergency situations or inquiries about your health, you can contact the Ministry of Health using the following number, 937.  
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    This step includes your journey to Makkah, from the point of departure till the point of arrival.

    1. You will receive a message confirming the services offered and package information you have selected.
    2. Arrive at the meeting point, specified by the service provider, to join your Hajj group and start your journey to Makkah.  
    3. Follow the instructions provided to you by the service provider.
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    After arriving in Makkah, get settled into your residence. Your means of transportation is based on the agency, company, or service provider you have selected. Keep in mind that all transportation timings are scheduled by the agency, company, or service provider’s guidelines, which have been specified by higher authorities.

    Upon your arrival in Makkah, the service provider will be responsible for your transportation between Al Mashaer.